You Are Project

The You Are Project - We are determined to present empowering video messages for young women so that they could be reminded of their worth. Given that young people live an ‘online’ life, You Are has worked hard to have a strong presence on media platforms to ensure we have a life-giving voice. 

You Are Project


You Are Project, this was the first video created in our series & remains one of our most powerful. It took a lot of courage for many of these girls to take part in this video but to also take ownership of their words.

Let Her Go

Dads often aren’t aware of the internal struggle going on in their teenage daughters so it’s important that they remember to remind them of their worth

You Are Flash Mob

You Are is about inspiring growth in our girls. At one of our past conferences, we asked the girls to partake in a Flashmob. Together, the ops team and the girls conquered their fears. 

Stand up on the Inside

The 26 young women who participated in this video made themselves vulnerable so that we could communicate this message to viewers who desperately need to know that they are not alone. The insecurities you hear were recorded when 125 girls were interviewed, they are real.

Growing Future Leaders

A short interview with young women who are either currently mentoring at our conferences or have mentored and are now on our operations team. 

This is Me

As part of challenging our teenage girls to put themselves out there this year, Dayelle Hill choreographed a dance. Many were challenged & took a big 'courage pill' to perform. The lyrics match what we are about at YOU ARE - celebrating our uniqueness!